What is Holistic Health?

The Holistic is derived from the work whole. We see health and the universe inseparably interconnected with each other. You can be healthy when DOSHAS, AGNI, DHATU and MALA are in a state of equilibrium. As per Ayurveda, with a happy mind they function in the presence of Atma and with help of Indriya.

Health is defined in 4 important dimensions, i.e. Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual. In order to have these dimensions in a state of equilibrium one must  live right, eat right and think right. By giving importance to daily and seasonal rituals and practice of healthy lifestyle one can achieve Holistic Health.

So, first of all we will talk about “signs of health” and then pick-up topics related to diet, exercise.

Acharya Chakara mentions that a man is healthy, when the tissues are in a well proportionate state with firm and strong sense organs and Mind not overpowered by disease. One who can endure hunger, thirst, heat, cold and physical exercise and in whom the Agni (digestive fire) and assimilative powers are also in normal state depicts health.

In my experience and opinion If you know how your mind, body and emotions respond to the changing conditions in your environment and that they act in synchronization and that you don’t get tired mentally, physically and emotionally and also that you don’t have any chronic or any other illness then you can say that you are healthy.  I must say that staying well is far easier than curing an illness, especially when you are fully aware and can read signs of your inner-self and body because our conscious and body tells us when we are OK and when we aren’t OK. For e.g. sometimes we are not ill but feel too tired to move a limb and want to rest, that’s an indication. We feel itchy in eyes but there isn’t any infection and following a good wash of eyes we feel relaxed, that’s an indication and there can be numerous such examples which indicate that we must listen to our body and try to interpret. 

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