We are all struggling with Mental Health right now —Let’s work on normalizing it!

If you look around, it seems conversations about mental health are everywhere. It is almost impossible to not think about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our day-to-day lives. Financial uncertainties, worries related to job security, businesses are badly affected and additional effort that goes into taking care of our family, which disrupts our routines, our lifestyles and mental health.

When we are under stress our normal response to handle any difficult situation becomes poor and creates anger within us. Stress and anger disturb our lifestyle including sleeping and eating patterns, leads to emotional outbursts and mostly low motivation.

The COVID19 pandemic is upending people’s lives and senses of safety. Specifically in Indian context with the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the unrest due to a major social injustice issues that has emerged after SSR’s death and other major issues related to Celebrities in Bollywood, a lot more people are experiencing an increased level of anxiety and hopelessness related to an uncertain time ahead.

People are feeling symptoms of “psychological distress” You probably don’t need to do any research work on this and you can tell by looking around that the past few months have been extremely hard on so many people’s work, relationships, finances, sleep, routines, productivity, and most importantly on mental health.

People have started to feel disconnected; we all are worried about our family’s health, future, jobs, businesses and children going to school.  This feeling has only been getting worse as the pandemic has gone on. That is probably because of the constantly changing never-ending timelines we are dealing with, be it resuming business centers, schools , colleges new businesses, new jobs. The lack of certainty about so many things during this time, and the stress associated with it, can really aggravate underlying mental and physical health concerns. We are unable to visualize a bright future at all at this stage, all those past memories, good times have faded away and it seems only stressful events are more evident.

So, how do we normalize mental health concerns?

This pandemic has taught many of us great lessons and one of the most important one is that to maintain our overall healthy that consists of 4 dimensions, i.e. Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual.

You can follow certain techniques to maintain overall health:

  • Set a Routine
  • Eat healthy food and maintain regular meal patterns
  • Set your sleeping pattern
  • Stay Active
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Be generous and kind to each other
  • Mindful usage of social media and new
  • Limit your screen time and try a new hobby
  • Stay connected t your family and friends
  • Discuss your problems with your near and dear ones

In order to cover all dimensions of health one must maintain a state of equilibrium – live right, eat right and think right. By giving importance to daily routines and by practicing a healthy lifestyle one can achieve Holistic Health. In my experience and opinion If you know how your mind, body and emotions respond to the changing conditions in your environment and that they act in synchronization and that you don’t get tired mentally, physically and emotionally and also that you don’t have any illness then you can say that you are healthy.  I must add that staying well is far easier than curing an illness, especially when you are fully aware and can read signs of your inner-self and body because our conscious and body tells us when we are OK and when we aren’t OK.

These hard times shall pass and a bright future is ahead, trust the Universe!

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