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Sattvic Meal Plan

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This diet plan is based on a Sattvic style of dieting. Each and every recipe is plant-based Sattvic healing recipe. Sattvic diets help disease reversal and help you manage your health in the best way.



The word ‘Sattvic‘ is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Sattva‘ which means “pure, natural, vital, energy, clean, conscious, strong, strength, true, honest, wise”. A Sattvic Diet is fully based on ayurvedic principles and low-fat, high fibre vegetarian diet.

Why Choose Sattvic Meal Plan for Weight Loss Fast?

Our Sattvic Diet (Vegetarian diet) Plan for weight loss is that full high nutrition diet plan rich in fresh, nutrient-dense including nuts, fresh fruits and beans, legumes, seeds, honey, and herbal teas.

Eating a Sattvic (pure) Food Diet (Plan For 30 Days) in whole plant foods may reduce your disease risk and helps to maintain your body weight.

Benefits of Sattvic Meal Plan

The word sattvic indicates “Pure Essence,” and sattvic foods are meant to be a pure and balanced diet, offering feelings happiness and mental clarity of mind.

Our sattvic diet plan for weight loss is a high fibre, low fat, pure vegetarian and balanced diet plan that grow and ripen naturally.

A sattvic diet cleanses the mind and body, leading to promoting longevity, physical health and mental health.

Choose at any diet that reduces illnesses, weight loss, and good mental health, and you will find that sattvic is the best diet plan for everyone.

Sattvic Diet: Some Benefits Are As Follows

1. Immune Booster: All Sattvic Meal Plan foods are extremely nutritious. This Sattvic Meal Plan for Weight Loss provides your body with a balance of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and healthy fats. Proper part of sattvic food diet naturally assures a healthy immune system.

2. Reduce Risk of Disease: Our Sattvic Food Diet Plan For 30 Days is with High-fiber, low-fat and vegetarian diets reduce the risk of chronic diseases and the possibility of keeping symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

3. Weight Loss: Sattvic Meal Plan for Weight Loss Fast is a high fibre pure diet plan that improves the metabolic system and enhances weight loss by reducing body fat levels and Body Mass Index (BMI). All sattvic foods are also low in calories, and calorie-restrictive diets are well known to aid healthy weight loss.

4. Healthy Mind: Satvic Diet (Cheap Healthy Diet Plan to Lose Weight) include nuts, fruits, coconut oil, sprouted seeds etc., they make food tasty. Also, good fats in the diet help keep your brain healthy and speed up your memory.

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2 reviews for Sattvic Meal Plan

  1. Harman

    Sattva represents calmness, peace, balance, knowledge, purity, brilliance etc. Rajas denote agitation, passion, restlessness, ambition, greed, insecurity etc. Sattvic diet chart is the very best diet chart to weight loss fast. Thanks

  2. Ankit

    Sattvic Meal Plan is the Best Meal Plan For Weight Loss. Thanks, Fitkulture To Provide This Plan

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