Easy ways to Build Self-Discipline for Fitness

Being able to take control of your fitness and overall health requires a lot of effort and a strong will, there isn’t any magic wand available to make things happen for you.

I am sure If you are reading this blog then you surely are looking to build the type of self-discipline that will help you get long term results, it starts with these easy and sustainable steps.

Take care of your stress and sleep – These two go hand-in-hand when it comes to Self-Discipline for Fitness. Sleep and Stress work synergistically to damage your ability to work hard and hamper your ability to remain in order. In current COVID19 / Corona times a lot of people are facing financial stress and this stress definitely takes a toll on your training and nutrition and overall quality of life.

I understand that you can’t make money out of nowhere and if there is a financial tress then you need to work it out, and the answer is keeping your fitness and diet routines in order. Working out keeps your mind fresh and active and helps build focus. The level of attention and dedication required to keep up with your work can only be sourced through proper diet and fitness. 30 minutes of workout 3 times I a week can do the magic and will also bring in Self-Discipline.

Getting enough sleep is one of those tricky problems these days and apparently “sleep hygiene” has been a hot topic since many months now, especially after COVID19 pandemic has hit us.  You need to establish a consistent sleep schedule and then stick to it. Scheduling your sleep timings is as important any other important event during your awake time. If your sleep schedule is 10-6 or 11-7 then maintain those hours every single day, rather than “sleeping-in” on weekends or staying up late on a certain nights just because you don’t feel tired. You need to create an environment in your home and this would then lead to an optimized fitness environment.

OK, let’s talk about discipline – Discipline is actually a habit and one that you should develop and strengthen like any other. Trust me, I am telling you this from experience that developing this skill isn’t an easy task. You have to put yourself into a tight and maybe uncomfortable situation to be able to keep yourself disciplined. Like in Defense Services, every individual is put in a tough situation and repeatedly are taught to stick to the plan. That is a real discipline and in order for you to incorporate any kind of discipline, you make a point of doing something uncomfortable, just for the sake of it in the beginning. It doesn’t have to be something extreme. It can be denying yourself a night of binge-watching, taking a cold shower, doing a workout rather than skipping one, preparing your dinner rather than ordering it – the list can be endless. After you’ve done it, notice how difficult it was! Probably not as much as you feared and apparently, procrastination is the enemy of self-discipline, so initiate change TODAY, even if you start very small.

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