Easy ways to Build Self-Discipline for Fitness

Being able to take control of your fitness and overall health requires a lot of effort and a strong will, there isn’t any magic wand available to make things happen for you. I am sure If you are reading this blog then you surely are looking to build the type of self-discipline that will help […]

We are all struggling with Mental Health right now —Let’s work on normalizing it!

If you look around, it seems conversations about mental health are everywhere. It is almost impossible to not think about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our day-to-day lives. Financial uncertainties, worries related to job security, businesses are badly affected and additional effort that goes into taking care of our family, which disrupts our […]

Coffee-Immune Booster

Coffee is often called a “Wonder Bean”, it has the potential to boost your immune system, metabolism and can help fight stress too. Let us check what all coffee can do when it comes to workout and health. SO, we shall start with simple questions Can you boost your workouts with caffeine? Does caffeine create […]

Low Calorie Diet Plan For Weight Loss Fast


Calories – we most worry about When we refer the calories in food, what do we mean? A calorie is a unit of measurement — but it doesn’t measure weight or length. A calorie is a unit of energy. When you hear something contains 100 calories, it’s a way of describing how much energy your body could get from eating or […]

1200 Calorie High Protein Low Carb Diet Menu

Animals Vs Plant-Based Protein

Animal vs Plant-Based Proteins Supplements It’s a myth that animal protein is somehow better than plant-based protein. It is often assumed that the animal protein is absorbed faster by the body. However, scientific evidence shows that it is not the case as in some cases the speed at which a protein is absorbed by the […]

What is Holistic Health?

The Holistic is derived from the work whole. We see health and the universe inseparably interconnected with each other. You can be healthy when DOSHAS, AGNI, DHATU and MALA are in a state of equilibrium. As per Ayurveda, with a happy mind they function in the presence of Atma and with help of Indriya. Health […]

Optimum Nutrition for Vigor and Vitality

Diet plays a key role in maintaining good health and helps us in the prevention of diseases. Research has shown that the majority of diseases can be produced or manifested by under-supply of various nutrients and essential foods. Nutritional deficiencies occur on account of factors including refining & processing of food, use of chemicals & […]